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Bodet company

Since 1868, Bodet has become the european leader in time and attendance management and time measurement solutions through its activities.

Bodet Software

Time and attendance for human resources, access control, time recording and centralised access control system.

Bodet Time

Bodet has developed a wide range of analogue and digital clocks standalone or managed by a master clock, bell systems and display systems.

Bodet Sport

Scoreboards, video displays or timer displays: our scoreboards blend in perfectly into all sports halls or stadiums. FIBA certified.

Bodet Church Equipment

We offer solutions including tower clocks, master clock units, bell restoration, electric hammers, clock movements and customised dials.

Bodet Workshop Management

Get all the information you need to make your decisions, control your responsiveness, flexibility and cost, Optimising production flow.

The Bodet group is made up of the following activities


Bodet group

Since its creation in 1868, Bodet has become the european leader in time management and time measurement.

Our company is recognized for the quality of its products and its services. Bodet put his expertise at your service to measure and manage time through its five activities: time and attendance, time distribution, scoreboards, church equipments and M.E.S.

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