Bodet, leader in time display

Bodet Time develops a wide range of clocks combining aesthetics and technology

Founded in 1950 in Trémentines, France, Bodet Time is a division of the Bodet Group, the European leader in time measurement and management. Bodet Time develops and sells time distribution solutions and time synchronisation. It also provides audio system solutions, bell systems and microphones.




Clocks range for indoor or outdoor: Analogue and Digital LED or LCD Clocks.

LCD Digital Clocks
LED Digital Clocks
Analogue Clocks

time synchronisation


Our know-how: transmitting accurate, consistent time data.

Master Clocks
Time Servers



Our bell and alert messages systems in public places and businesses.

Wireless Audio System
IP Audio Aystem
SEP Alarms



Our LED displays for advertising signs and totems.

Petrol Price Display

Bodet Time Products

Developed in engineering offices in France, these solutions are controlled by wired or wireless master clocks using a Time Distribution SystemRadio synchronisation ensures accurate display of the time without any variation.

The company is also positioned in the display market with a range of high brightness LED displays used for very diverse applications (petrol prices, retail, finance, industry...).


Bodet Time References

Bodet equipment provides precise time and time management all over the world: airports, train stations, radio studios, army, hospitals, schools, factories, office buildings, offices...

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