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The Bodet Group is the European leader in the measurement and management of time. Established in 1868 in the west of France, Bodet is a family company with strong values, a desire to innovate and an international business strategy, whilst furthering product development and manufacture in our workshops.

Communication, commitment, dynamism, creativity and innovation are what form Bodet’s strength, and have been driving the company forwards since its inception nearly 150 years ago.


Our Human Resources Policy

The Bodet Group is present in more than 110 countries, supported by five major European subsidiaries, a presence in the Middle East and Asia (Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur) as well as a large network of distributors. Today it has around 650 employees, including 600 in France. Our corporate culture promotes communication and internal exchanges.

With us, each employee is more than just a number


Our teams ensure our customers receive a complete solution: from product design, project management, manufacturing, sales, installation, training and technical support.

How do we integrate new employees?

For several years, Bodet has established a process of induction training to:

  • Ensure the integration of new employees
  • To support them and allow them to progress within the organisation

When you join the company, you will benefit from an extensive induction covering a tour of our facilities, the different roles within the company, the services you will work in and full training on our software and hardware products. This training is delivered by experienced members of staff who will support you along the process.

Once established in the company, you will receive regular training to allow you to carry out your responsibilities to the best of your abilities. Bodet also offers its staff opportunities in career development, in your chosen field or in a new sector supported by further training.


How to apply?

All our new positions are displayed online on our website in the Current Vacancies section.

To obtain more information, click on the name of each post in the list.

  • You can apply online by completed the required fields. We ask that you include your address, phone number, up-to-date CV and letter of support for your application.
  • Your application will be sent to our recruitment agency in charge of preselecting candidates. You will be contacted first for a phone conversation, and following that an interview in person.
  • If your application is accepted, we will hold a final interview in our office with your prospective operational manager and human resources.

In all cases, you will receive a quick response to your application, even if it has not been successful. In keeping with the culture of the company where we promote communication exchanges, the interviews are conducted in a professional yet cordial manner. As a candidate, we would endeavour to get to know you better, discover your career journey and understand your aspirations to see if they align with the requirements of the post.

We advise candidates not to succumb to stress before interviews, but merely to prepare themselves by learning about Bodet’s activities and the job responsibilities, and describing your skills and strengths.


Bodet Job Profiles

To reflect the diversity of our business, we utilise a wide range of skills:

  • Computing: Software Engineering, Systems and Networks
  • Embedded Computing
  • Electronics
  • Electromechanical Engineering
  • Human Resources and SIRH
  • Access Control / Home Automation
  • Marketing / Commercial
  • With levels of training going from Bac+2 to Bac+5

We recruit on a permanent contract basis for technicians, salesmen, engineers and executives. We regularly recruit:

  • Software Training Consultants
  • French and International Customer Advisors
  • Software Developers (JAVA) and Embedded Computing (WINDEV)
  • Software Test Technicians
  • Installers and Technicians SAV in Electromechanical Engineering

Many of our jobs require work on customer sites, and require travel during the week with overnight stays. This is an opportunity for you to develop your skills quickly by working with a wide range of clients and facilities.

We also welcome around 25 people on a rotating basis each year, working in various fields such as HR, accounting, IT management, web teams and marketing.

As we are strongly orientated towards international markets, being a strong English speaker is important to us.


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