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The group BODET is leading in the measure and the management of time. BODET is a family company, implanted since 1868 in the West of France, leaning on strong values, with a will to innovate and an International strategy, while conceiving and by making our products in our workshops in France.

The values such as the listening, the commitment, the dynamism, the creativity, the innovation make our strength, they make the company progress since its creation, about 150 years ago.


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Our human resources policy

Our group is present in more than 110 countries resting on his 5 European subsidiaries, a presence based in the Middle East (Dubai) and in Asia (Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur) as well as distributors' important network. The group counts approximately 650 collaborators today among whom 600 in France. Our corporate culture, favors the communication and the in-house exchanges.

At our home, the collaborator is not that simple one roll.


Our teams assure a complete service with our customers: the conception of products, the management of the project, the manufacturing, the sale, the installation, the training and the technical support...

How is made the integration?

We set up for several years a process of internal training, to:

  • To assure the integration of our new collaborators.
  • To make them progress and to accompany our collaborators in office.

During your integration, you will benefit from a course allying at the same time the discovery of places, our jobs, from services with which you will work, of a training in our products and software and you will be accompanied by experimented collaborators.

Afterward you will be regularly formed to be able to continue to progress in your functions. Finally BODET favors his collaborators by offering them opportunities of career development, in your activity area or in a new sector helped by trainings.


How to postulate?

All our posts are displayed online on our web site in the section vacant positions.

To obtain more details, click the name of the post opened in the list.

  • You can postulate on-line by completing the wanted fields. Thank you for informing your address and phone number and joining your CV up to date and your letter in support of application.
  • Your application will be sent to our recruitment agency in charge of the preselection of the candidates. He will contact you for a first phone conversation, and a physical maintenance secondly.
  • Your application will be sent to our office of Si your application is held, will have us a last interview in our places with your future operational person in charge and the human resources.

In every case, you will quickly have an answer to your application even if it was not held. According to the culture of the company where we favor the exchanges, the conversations are made in a spirit of conviviality where we try to know you better, to discover your course and to understand your aspiration to see if they correspond to our needs on the post.

Do not put under stress before the conversations, simply prepare well, by informing you about the activities of the company and about the contents of the post, by describing us your know-how and skills.


Our jobs, what profiles?

To answer the diversity of our jobs, we appeal to skills highly varied:

  • Computing: software engineering, systems and networks.
  • Computing embarked.
  • Electronics.
  • Electrotechnics / Electromechanical engineering.
  • Human resources and SIRH
  • Access control / Home automation.
  • Marketing / Commercial
  • With levels of training going from Bac+2 to Bac+5.

We recruit under permanent contract for all our technicians' posts, commercial, engineers and frames. We recruit regularly :

  • Software formative consultants.
  • Consumer advisors France and international.
  • Developers computing software (JAVA) and in computing embarked (WINDEV).
  • Technicians software tests.
  • Fitters and technicians SAV in electromechanical engineering.

Many of our posts being in clientele, they require to make travels during the week, with sometimes on-the-spot nights. It is for you the opportunity to progress quickly in skills by occurring with customers and with installations highly varied.

We also welcome 25 young people in alternation every year and about ten trainees on these various jobs(businesses), including with the services supports (RH, accounting(accounts department), commercial computing, Web, marketing...).

Our markets being strongly directed on the international stage, your good control of English is for us an imperative.