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Bodet Tower Clock and Church Equipment

Bodet specialist in tower clocks for over a century

Since its creation in 1868 to install tower clocks, Bodet has become the European leader in time management and time measurement. Our company is recognized for the quality of its products and its services.


bell maintenance


Since 1994, Bodet Campanaire has restored more than 1,500 bells using a welding process unique in France.

Bell restoration
Yokes and clappers

bell tower equipment


Our expert campanists work on all bell tower equipment.

Bell automation
Access security

lightning protection


Our steeplejacks install lightning rods and conductors to protect your equipment.

Lightening rod installation

building dials


Bodet Campanaire has unique expertise in building dials and mechanical clocks.

Dial restoration
Mechanical clock restoration
Customised dial production

Bodet Campanaire Products

Since the company was created in 1868, Bodet has acquired unrivalled skills in electrifying bells and tower clocks while respecting these historic buildings. Bodet stands out as the reference brand thanks to our long experience in bell tower activities. Quality services thanks to ISO 9001 certification applied to our craft activities.

Bodet is intended to provide you with all the guarantees of a permanent quality approach: respect for bell tower heritage, respect for deadlines, quality of service, safety standards, generating users' awareness of their installation maintenance.

Restoring old bells by welding enables existing bells to be conserved. The process which has been developed and patented by Bodet gives new life to worn-out, cracked or damaged bells: the bells retain their original ringing sound and have excellent mechanical resistance.


Bodet Campanaire References

Bodet equipments give precise time and manage time all over the world. Here are some of our references.