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Since its creation in 1868 to install tower clocks, Bodet has become the european leader in time and attendance management and time measurement solutions through its 5 activities:


A family for 5 generations

Of Paul Bodet who creates the activity in 1868 to Pascal Bodet who takes Jean-Pierre Bodet's succession in 2016.


Paul Bodet

Paul Bodet


Emmanuel Bodet

Emmanuel Bodet


Pierre Bodet

Pierre Bodet


Jean Pierre Bodet

Jean-Pierre Bodet



Pascal Bodet


  • 1868 : Paul Bodet, craftsman cabinet maker, installs the clock of the church bell tower of Trémentines (Maine-et-Loire - 49).
  • 1918 : Emmanuel Bodet extends the activity of his father in western France.
  • 1945 : Pierre Bodet, a strong spirit of innovation, boosts the company with his brother.
  • 1992 : Jean-Pierre Bodet take the head of the company.
  • 2016 : Pascal Bodet becomes Managing director of the company.

A long expertise as far as the time

  • 1968 : First sports timer panels and scoreboards.
  • 1975 : Launch of the industrial clock activity with dropflat digital clocks sent to over 40 countries. Creation of export department under the leadership of Jean-Pierre Bodet.
  • 1980 : Launch of the electronic clocks.
  • 1984 : Launch of the modules of display in 7 electromagnetic segments for the market of the display of the price of fuels.
  • 1987 : Launch of the first micro-computer based time and attendance system.
  • 1988 : Creation of the Spanish subsidiary in Madrid (www.bodet.es).
  • 1990 : Creation of a subsidiary in the United-Kingdom (www.bodet.co.uk).
  • 1992 : Jean-Pierre Bodet take the head of the company. Extension of the factory of Trémentines.
  • 1993 : Creation of the subsidiary Bodet Belgium. (www.bodet.be).
  • 1997 : Bodet obtains the ISO 9001 certification..
  • 1998 : Installation of the activities management of time to Cholet (zone of Cormier), Alignment of the web site of the group (www.bodet.com).
  • 2000 : Launch of the new range of management of time Kelio.
  • 2001 : Inauguration of the new hi-tech building in Cholet for time management department, today BODET Software (www.bodet-software.com).
  • 2002 : Creation of the Swiss subsidiary  (www.bodet.ch).
  • 2003 : Bodet obtains the ISO 9001 version 2000.
  • 2005 : Acquisition of companies Osys Orga System and BG Soft, specialized in time production (www.bodet-osys.com). Launch of the wireless hourly distribution(DHF).
  • 2008 : Launch of thesoftware Kelio INTEGRAL OPTIMA SECURITY for large enterprises and the access control market.
  • 2009 : Launch master clocks / computer servers NTP SIGMA.
  • 2010 : Creation of the subsidiary in the Netherlands - Bodet Nederland BV; (www.bodet.nl).
  • 2011 : Bodet obtains the certification ISO 14001 for his environmental approach. Alignment of the Web site Bodet Sport (www.bodet-sport.com).
  • 2013 : Bodet Software Lance one the offer Kelio SIRH. Alignment of the web site www.bodet-time.com.
  • 2014 : Alignment of the web site www.bodet-campanaire.com. Bodet Time takes out the range Harmonys, a system of bells was adapted to the school companies and the building. 
  • 2015 : Bodet Software launches on the market Kelio Visio X7, an innovative communicating terminal and renews its software offer RH with Kelio One / Pro.
  • 2016 : Bodet Time rethinks completely its famous clock Style.



Some iconic products


horloge terraillon 1920

Mechanical clock

horloge electromecanique

Electric clock

Horloge palettes BT600 1975

Dropflat digital


Train station clock

Horloge Bodet Style 2016

Clock Style

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