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BODET was founded in 1868 to install tower clocks and is recognised for the quality of its products and services.


5 generations of family history

From Paul Bodet, who started the business in 1868, to Pascal Bodet who took over from Jean-Pierre Bodet in 2016.

A craft business

Paul Bodet



A craftsman and cabinetmaker, he installed the clock on the church bell tower in Trémentines
(Maine et Loire - 49).

Emmanuel Bodet

Emmanuel BODET


He expanded his father's business into western France.

An industrial company

Pierre Bodet

Pierre BODET


Along with his brother, he relaunched the company with a new innovative approach. The company then experienced rapid growth in tower clocks. He expanded his father's business into western France.

Jean Pierre Bodet

Jean-Pierre BODET


He took charge of the company, extended the Trémentines factory and took the group to an international level. He expanded and created the Bodet Software business. The company grew from 300 to 700 employees.

Pascal Bodet

Pascal BODET


He became CEO of the company and put the group focus on people and the younger generation. He created the Bodet Campanaire company in 2017 and Bodet Time and Sport in 2018.

150 years of history in 12 key dates

  • 2023
    Creation of the Deutschland subsidiarytimeline-2023-deutschland-subsidiary
  • 2011
    Bodet obtains ISO 14001 certificationtimeline-2011-ISO-14001-certification
  • 2010
    Creation of the Bodet Netherlands subsidiarytimeline-2010-bodet-Netherlands-subsidiary
  • 2002
    Creation of the Bodet Switzerland subsidiarytimeline-2002-bodet-Switzerland-subsidiary
  • 1997
    Bodet obtains ISO 9001 certificationtimeline-1997-ISO-9001-certification
  • 1993
    Creation of the Bodet Belgium subsidiarytimeline-1993-bodet-Belgium- subsidiary
  • 1990
    Creation of the Bodet United Kingdom subsidiarytimeline-1990-bodet-United-Kingdom-subsidiary
  • 1988
    Creation of the Bodet Spain subsidiarytimeline-1988-bodet-Spain-subsidiary
  • 1987
    Launch of the Time and Attendance Management activity timeline-1987-time-and-attendance-management
  • 1975
    Launch of the industrial clock activity timeline-1975-industrial-clock-systems
  • 1968
    Design of the first scoreboardstimeline-1968-scoreboards
  • 1868
    First tower clock installed timeline-1868-paul-bodet

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Team spirit

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Story of a centenary company

To celebrate 150 years of business, Bodet has published a book that traces its history from its foundation in 1868. Read about our crafts, our credentials, our values and our commitments to find out what gives us our corporate identity.

Browse the Bodet book