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Bodet Time

The international leader in time display and time synchronisation

Founded in 1950, Bodet Time designs and manufactures a wide range of solutions and products at its site in Trémentines (49), France. They are divided into four families: clocks and time distribution, time servers, audio and alert systems and LED advertising display solutions.

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A wide selection of industrial clocks and synchronisation modes

A wide selection of industrial clocks and synchronisation modes

We supply a range of industrial clocks for all uses (indoor and/or outdoor). We have already equipped over 2,500 sites worldwide.

Many clocks are installed in schools, stations and airports. We design clocks with different display types (analogue, digital LED/LCD) available for different synchronisation modes, which allows us to adapt our clocks to the needs of our customers.

This range also includes SIGMA master clocks for distributing time and synchronising clocks. They ensure an accurate and consistent time display. The time signal can be transmitted via a network or wirelessly, according to the customer’s needs and technical constraints. Depending on the type of infrastructure and the electrical installation already in place, many types of distribution are available: AFNOR, impulse, NTP, WIFI, DHF, ALS 162, etc.

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Reliable and secure time synchronisation solutions

Reliable and secure time synchronisation solutions

We offer efficient and adapted solutions for synchronising all IT equipment and industrial clocks in public or private infrastructures.

We manufacture NETSILON time servers in France for the accurate and autonomous synchronisation of all IT equipment of all IT equipment connected to the computer network, which reduces the risk of cyberattacks.

These servers enable reliable and chronological time-stamping of events in an IT infrastructure.. This contributes to better monitoring and an optimised network system. The external synchronisation sources captured by Bodet antennas, such as GPS, Galileo, GNSS, GLONASS, Beidou and ALS 162 are supplemented by an internal oscillator with an accuracy beyond the nanosecond. The output signals are adapted to the needs of each site: NTP, PTP, IRIG, etc.

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Sound/audio solutions for better communication, timing and alerting

Audio solutions for better communication, timing and alerting

Bodet Time has specialised in the manufacture of audio and alert systems for over 40 years. We manufacture connected loudspeakers (indoor/outdoor), microphones and flash signals, in addition to remote alerting systems (button boxes, radio remote controls and smartphone applications). These products are adapted to transmit information to different groups (students, employees, customers, visitors, etc.), making them just as suitable for a factory as for a head office or a museum.

Today, many educational institutions (schools, colleges and university campuses) are equipped with our audio systems to broadcast bells at the beginning and end of classes, music, alerts (such as lockdown alerts) or audio messages.

Our products are also installed in companies, administrative buildings (town halls, public access buildings) and care establishments (hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, etc.), where they are used to broadcast music or general announcements.

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Large-scale outdoor LED display solutions.

Large-scale outdoor LED display solutions.

We also serve the retail, hotel and industrial markets. We provide high brightness LED display solutions for fuel price displays at petrol stations and room rates on hotel facades. The tailor-made design of our LED signs and the integration of standard protocols guarantee an automatically updated information display.

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A range of turnkey services for Bodet customers

A range of turnkey services

In order to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and support their projects in France or abroad, we provide services related to our products. We assist our customers throughout their projects, from sale to installation (audit, identification of needs, advice, quotation, training, hotline, etc.).

We listen to the needs of our users, via telephone support or with an on-site visit, and offer them several contract levels.

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Products Made in France.

Bodet is a family business that has been passed down from generation to generation since 1868. From its founding to the present day, we have made every effort to manufacture our products in France at our historic production site in Trémentines in Maine-et-Loire (49), France. This production site houses a design office and a wide range of technical and technological trades, such as plastics processing, metalworking, assembly, electronics, to name a few.

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Present throughout the world

Our solutions can handle all the problems faced by companies and administrations, whatever their size. The quality, performance and reliability of our French products, which combine technology and aesthetics, have earned us international recognition. We are active in many sectors, such as transport, healthcare, education, administration and industry.

Represented in more than 140 countries, we work with a broad network of skilled and qualified partners and distributors.

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