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Software publishing company for time and attendance management, HRIS, payroll and access control solutions

Kelio is a French software designer, publisher and integrator, supporting you in the management of your human resources for over 30 years with a simple aim: to facilitate the management of your employees from A to Z..

Our intuitive, user-friendly solutions meet the new challenges faced by HR departments and are adapted to the needs of companies and administrations of all sizes and all sectors.

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Easily monitor your employees’ working times

Easily monitor your employees’ working times

From physical clocking on terminals to remote working monitoring, absence management and planning creation, you can simplify your daily HR management with Kelio software!

Our time and activities management solutions enable you to accurately log your employees’ attendance times. They ensure your compliance with the legal obligations and agreements in force in your company.

Kelio job costing software allows you to securely collect data to be sent to payroll through automatic and instantaneous calculations of the various time accounts, contracts and hours.

Easily digitalise your HR management with our HR software!

Discover all the benefits of digitalised time management

Introduce HRIS software to simplify your human resources management

Introduce HRIS software to simplify your human resources management

Free up your time by choosing Kelio HR software!

Digitalise a multitude of HR processes and human resources management tasks: administrative data, training, appraisals, skills, expense forms, etc. Automate your HR management and ensure that your HR monitoring complies with the regulations!

Kelio is the complete, effective and scalable HRIS software that will enable you to make your HR data more reliable and improve your daily process flow.

Choose a simple and secure payroll solution

Choose a simple and secure payroll solution

123Paie is our expert and user-friendly solution for your payroll and social security declarations. Take advantage of all the advanced payroll processing functions: complete and simplified payslips, DSN, DPAE, management of transfers and bookkeeping entries.

Available as online software or as an outsourcing service, our payroll management helps you reduce time-consuming processing tasks and limit your risk of non-compliance, while keeping payroll costs under control.

Our online, convenient and ergonomic payroll solution is 100% compliant and includes updates of any legal and contractual changes.

Keep your employees safe and monitor access to your buildings

Keep your employees safe and monitor access to your buildings

Securing access is key to protecting your organisation’s employees and property.

Our access control solution is part of a logical overall process for managing employees that begins with their integration and extends to their security on the premises.

Kelio software allows you to easily control access to buildings, track the people on your premises and manage the reception of different types of visitors.

Our software was designed as a complete and integrated solution effectively linking access control and HR management. It lets you decide who can enter according to a given time window or area.

With Kelio software, you can easily manage all access control events and enhance your security!

Keep my employees and organisation safe

Discover all our services

Discover all our services to facilitate your day-to-day work

When you choose Kelio, your project will be sure to succeed!

  • Audit including preparation of specifications document, advice and needs analysis
  • Deployment according to your project requirements (assisted mode or project mode)
  • On-site or remote training that can qualify for funding by skills bodies (OPCO)
  • Online training at your own pace using various e-learning modules
  • Efficient hotline support and personalised service provided by expert advisors located in France

Our software and hardware are designed and developed by our own teams. This guarantees a very high level of quality for you with our systems, which comply with the ISO 9001 standard.

Discover all of Kelio's support services

Kelio customised and international support services

With over 30 years of expertise in the publishing of time management, HRIS, payroll and access control software and the manufacturing of clocking terminals and readers, Kelio has what it takes to address the problems of companies of all sizes and in all sectors.

Kelio is a renowned global player with a strong international and European presence, with 6 subsidiaries in Europe and a network of distributors in over 110 countries.

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