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Bodet-1868 Watches

Discover our first collection of French watches in a limited-edition series. Inspired by the brand’s flagship products.

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Bodet is hiring!

There are over 150 different lines of work at Bodet. So why shouldn’t yours be among them?

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Bodet: Time Management

For over 150 years, Bodet has never stopped innovating, becoming today’s world leader in solutions for measuring and managing time through four business lines: Bodet Campanaire, Bodet Sport, Bodet Time and Bodet Software. As a family business that has lasted five generations, Bodet undertakes to provide high-quality products and satisfy each client, in all four of its business lines.

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Our Business Lines

Bodet Campanaire Business Line


Unrivalled expertise in clocks for buildings and in bell-tower parts and maintenance.


Bodet Software Business Line


A full range of solutions in time and attendance management, access control, HRIS and clocking-in machines.


Bodet Sport Business Line


Sporting display solutions: scoreboards, LED video display and touchscreen control panels.


Bodet Time Business Line


Time distribution and clocks, time servers, audio systems and alerts.


Innovative bell-ringing motor

The first producer of electric motors for bell-ringing

Bodet has been innovating for 150 years

Bell ringing
Bell welding
Clock in Mecca
Software publisher
Clocking-in machine
Research and development
Bell ringing

The first producer of electric motors for bell-ringing - 1947

Bell welding

Creation and patenting of a welded bell repair system, unique in France. - 1991

Clock in Mecca

40 gold-plated clocks for the Great Mosque of Mecca - 2010

Software publisher

Ranked 26th among French software publishers

Clocking-in machine

788 new products since 1968

Research and development

10% of revenue is invested in research and development

Job opportunities at the Bodet group

Bodet is hiring!

Based in the west of France, Bodet is a family business that continues to innovate and develop internationally. With its pleasant working conditions, Bodet offers career prospects for each of its employees.

There are over 150 different lines of work at Bodet. So why shouldn’t yours be among them?


The Bodet Group

Founded in 1868 and now Europe’s leader in time management and measurement, Bodet is a family business renowned for the quality of its products.
Bodet in key figures:

Bodet employees

780 passionate employees
in France and abroad

The Bodet group’s revenue

€98,1M in revenue
in 2019

The Bodet group’s growth

This amounts to a growth of 6.3%
compared to 2018


Bodet Campanaire Reference

Bells ringing for the Abbey Church in Conques-en-Rouergue

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Bodet Software Reference

Kelio serving the Puy du Fou

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Bodet Sport Reference

A scoreboard at the Palais des Sports indoor sports arena in Pau

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Bodet Time Reference

A clock at Bordeaux railway station that’s unique in France

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