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Bodet Sport

Expert in scoreboard and display solutions

Bodet Sport designs and manufactures display solutions for sports clubs and organisations, including scoreboards, giant LED screens, multisport consoles and video display software.

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High-performance multisport scoreboards

High-performance multisport scoreboards

We design electronic scoreboards for our customers for many different sports, such as basketball, handball, rugby, football, volleyball, ice hockey and water polo.

We offer a wide range of products in different sizes for displaying key information at sporting events: timekeeping, number of fouls, time of possession, players’ names, team names and more. Our scoreboards are adapted to all types of infrastructures (gymnasium, arena, stadium, swimming pool, dojo, etc.).

Our solutions are available for all competition levels, from amateur clubs to professional levels.

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Modern, modular, turnkey video displays

Modular, turnkey video displays

We also sell giant screens, perimeter boards and LED video cubes. These products display match results and broadcast videos at the same time while making your events and sports meets more dynamic and enhancing the communication of your sponsors and partners (local or international).

Sporting events are even more thrilling with the LED video display, which provides a unique experience for all your spectators: it broadcasts the match live, launches advertising spots, zooms in on the players, shares feedback on the highlights of the game and more.

These new advertising spaces allow your clubs to make a quick return on your investment in this type of equipment.

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Innovative and intuitive consoles and scoring controllers.

Innovative and intuitive touchscreen consoles and scoring controllers.

Developed in-house, our products make it easy to set up and control the display of our scoreboards, our LED video solutions or other LED or LCD TV screens.

We offer a range of touchscreen consoles, smartphone or connected watch systems and time-of-possession consoles that allow you to remotely control the display of match scores.

Our consoles manage scoring for all sports, from the most common ones to those that are still gaining in popularity, including football, handball, rugby, ice hockey, 3x3 basketball, bandy, padel, korfball and more.

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Innovative and customisable software solutions

Innovative & customisable software solutions

We develop and market our own VIDEOSPORT control software for managing and animating the display of scores and advertisements on the various devices. It lets you display scores on LED screens and video cubes as well as animations, player presentations and partner logos. This software simultaneously manages the scoreboards and video solutions you are using regardless of their location on the site: sports hall and field, press centre, VIP area, locker rooms, etc.

In addition, the VIDEOMEDIA software is specifically designed for broadcasting multimedia content (videos, images, animations, logos, etc.). It allows you to create several playlists according to the highlights of the match (half-time, pre-match, etc.) and also to manage media exposure times for each advertiser.

To keep our customers satisfied, we regularly update and improve our software.

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Bodet is a key partner in major competitions

Bodet is a key partner in major competitions

As a partner of the FIBA, the FFBB and other associations, Bodet Sport works with experts and major sports players to offer high-performance, dynamic sports display solutions during matches.

We participate in the most renowned competitions and sports events: Basketball Leaders Cup, EuroBasket and EuroLeague (men’s and women’s), 3x3 Superleague basketball, Tour de France cycling, marathons, men’s handball world championship, basketball world championship, Futsal World Cup, Beach Soccer World Cup and more.

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Products designed and manufactured in France

We stay informed of changes in sports regulations and regularly update our products. They undergo extensive testing in accordance with the requirements of various sports federations in France and international standards (e.g. ball impact safety certification (DIN standard), ISO 9001, ISO 14001, etc.).

Thanks to our integrated design office, we can adapt to all types of projects and locations, which allows us to address the specific needs of each of our customers.

A complete range of services

A complete range of services

In France and abroad, teams of technicians support and advise our customers on anything they need: installation, assistance, training, use, maintenance and more.

We support our users in all situations, by telephone or on site.

Present throughout the world

Our solutions can handle all the problems faced by companies and administrations, whatever their size. The quality, performance and reliability of our French products, which combine technology and aesthetics, have earned us international recognition. We are active in many sectors, such as transport, healthcare, education, administration and industry.

Represented in more than 140 countries, we work with a broad network of skilled and qualified partners and distributors.

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