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The management centralized by the access control

With Bodet Software access control solutions, you can easily control and secure access to your company. Bodet Software will help you every step of the way with its comprehensive access control solution: software design, access equipment manufacture, on-site installation, works co-ordination, workforce training, hotline and maintenance.

Biometrics access control


Kelio software access control systems enable your organisation to control when and which employees are allowed access to various areas of your premises.

Access management
Access supervision



The gateway between Outlook® and our Kelio access control solutions enables your company to improve reservation management.

Room booking system



Access control readers enable a single identification for each employee or visitor in a quick and efficient way. Badge and biometric access control readers can be used for inside or outside application.

Access control readers
Door control
Biometric access

Visitor control


A visitor management system integrated into an access control solution is essential for organisations accessible to visitors.

Visitor management
Badge customisation

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It has became primordial for businesses to secure their ressources and the most efficient of doing so is to use an access control system which secure doors via biometric or badge access control readers and enable to control the flow of visitors via an access control software. Bodet access control systems manage your workforce access rights from the control of a single internal door through to a fully computerised, multi-site network of access points.

With over 20 years' experience as a hardware producer and software publisher, we can guarantee the complete command of your installation. Our scalable system will enable you to adapt your installation to any developments you may make to your buildings in the future.


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The expertise that Bodet Software has acquired over more than 30 years of publishing time and attendance and access control software and manufacturing hardware for 30 000 customers enables the company to cover all the issues affecting your sector of activity.