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Autumn automatic time changes with bodet

Clocks go back

Clocks go back one hour on sunday 30th at 2am and bodet synchronised clock systems will remove the stress and workload from the task of moving clocks an hour back.

If you have a large organisation with many clocks mounted on hard-to-reach walls, this presents one extra task to complete and increases maintenance costs. With Bodet’s Synchronised Clock Systems, one of the many benefits includes an automatic time update when the clocks change. This completes the whole process across all of your digital and analogue clocks without any extra work.

In addition, a Clock System will also synchronise time across your entire organisation and improve workforce efficiency. You also gain the ability to link to one of Bodet’s Bell Systems and control additional systems such as heating and lighting.
We offer a full range of analogue and digital clocks with indoor and outdoor weatherproof clock models, with a choice of Time Distribution Systems such as wireless DHF and NTP/IP, which uses your existing IP networks.

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